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Director's Profile

Experience Summary :

Ms. Jyoti Rahalkar is a Electrical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in Design, Engineering, LV/MV/HV Switchgear & power utilities. She has been this business for last 18 years and successfully established her name in Design Engineering consulting services. Her experience has included implementation of engineering services for enhanced operational efficiency of power system networks. Ms. Rahalkar's significant work also covers design and development of analog as well as digital instrumentation circuits for process industry. Automation with PLC and Drives, implementation of SCADA systems, Design of Fire fighting systems, BMS systems. She has also published papers on Electromagnetic compatibility by Design. She is well experienced about EMI / EMC standard practices in design

Past Experience:

Platex, Mumbai -
Ms. Rahalkar's role in this company was to planning and design various Electrical / instrumentation projects related to textile industry. Big achievement was to design yarn detector sensor with then latest IR sensors. Finding solutions for various site related problems. Quality control planning.

Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research , Mumbai
Major achievements at SAMEER were part of very good design team working on defense projects with various MIL standards, using then latest technology under the guidance of very senior Professors from TIFR. Importance of team work and core values imbibed at that time helped in bringing Jarzacon to reputed level.

At Jarzacon -
Ms. Rahalkar's major achievements are taken place during this journey with Jarzacon. Handled various projects from designing of control Panel, control desks, Design of LT switchgear, MV switchboard, design of control and Relay Panel for 220kV Switchyard. Design and planning of plants for Cement Industry, Electrical layouts for Industrial Projects. Engineering and design for Switchyard and substations. Design and development of DC injection brake for Induction motor. Design and Engineering for fire fighting systems- electrical part. Automation projects with Drives and PLC's. The engineering work also involved in Lighting requirements, Lighting calculations, lighting arrangement designed and validation to standards.